Thank you for your interest in applying for a Barrington Children's Charities grant.

Barrington Children's Charities Funding Eligibility

Barrington Children's Charities mission is to address the social, emotional, physical and educational needs of children within the District 220 area, and chooses its beneficiaries based on significant need. There is a careful selection process to ensure that all financial contributions support viable, sustainable, projects that directly benefit children in the Barrington Suburban area. Barrington Children's Charities reserves the right to accept or reject any application and to approve or disapprove any proposal for funding. Barrington Children's Charities also reserves the right to change the application criteria at any time.

Barrington Children's Charities Funding Deadlines

Barrington Children's Charities has one cycle per fiscal year, with a specific deadline. Barrington Children's Charities fiscal year runs February 1st - January 31st. In order for the proposal to be considered, the complete proposal along with required documentation must be received by the deadline date. Applicants may only apply once within the fiscal year.

This year's grant cycle submission deadline is November 30th.

You may view, save or print the Grant Application Form in Microsoft Word format by clicking on any of the documents below.

Grant Application Forms

Grant Application Checklist

Grant Application

Grant Application Financial Summary

Please note, the Grant Application Forms may be filled out on your computer or you may print a blank form and complete by hand. If sufficient space is not available on the form, enter "see attached," and attach the additional information to the form.

Please submit one copy of all forms via mail AND via email to:

Please contact us with any questions about our application process.